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You Know That I'm Not Easy

Saturday, 07 July 2012 05:11
Inside the Mind of a Pathological Narcissist, an Emotional Fraudster

Hey. Recognize me? I am the person who rebuilt your self-esteem, the one who became your soul mate. We were so compatible, you and I, we seemingly had everything in common. We feasted, entertained, and had meaningful and deep conversations among us. Our time together was a matter of urgency, with not a moment to waste. We needed to be together, constantly and continually. I called you repeatedly, sometimes 15 times daily. I built you up when you were down, and offered confidence when you doubted. I sparked your interest when you were bored and breathed excitement into your daily routine.

We slept together on our first date, careless and carefree, looked each other in the eyes that morning, and laughed through the afternoon at our careless abandon. I made you feel needed, wanted, protected, necessary, loved, and euphoric. I listened to you, sparked your interest, felt your pain, and made you feel alive. I was your inspiration and your role model, the one you aspired to emulate, the one who made you glow.

I brought you into my family, thrust my son upon you, and you felt alive. He bonded with you quickly, so much so that you nearly appeared to be his natural father. To the world, we were a real family, and I convinced you that you were a great father. My boy adored you, worshipped you, and emulated you. I made sure that you and he quickly adapted to each other and cared deeply for one another.

I made you feel young again, in love, carefree and passionate. We enjoyed much fun together early in our relationship. We danced, ate, partied and drank, all in the guise of love and seduction. I appeared to care, and learned to mimic your emotions. I observed you carefully, and mirrored your feelings, always careful to reflect back an empathic and supportive mate. Our sexual abandon made you feel wonderful and creative, and I complied with every one of your wishes, knowing how important this act was to you. You were exhilarated at my youthful imagination and energy. I mimicked compassion, caring, affection, emotion and tenderness, and reflected back your needs.


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