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Jackson's Institutional Incompetence

Wednesday, 02 February 2011 17:25
Miami-Dade County's Jackson Memorial Hospital is Adrift in a Sea of Incompetent Executive Management

The utter contempt that Jackson Memorial Hospital’s managing board, the Public Health Trust, and the Miami-Dade County Commission, have displayed for the residents of Miami-Dade County and the Jackson health system has reached a new high.

The Miami Herald reports, here, that the treasurer of Jackson Health System’s governing board noted this week that cash is getting “dangerously low” and that major cost cuts may be needed. Currently, Jackson will likely end the month of January with only 16.7 days of cash on hand. Hospital’s median day’s cash on hand is closer to 90 days cash, making Jackson’s days cash on hand ratio abysmal, and a true operating emergency.

Additionally, Jackson experienced a 7 percent drop in patient revenue, a material and significant decrease to any business entity. The impact on Jackson, though, is pronounced, given its already weakened financial condition and its primary mission of serving the uninsured.

Jackson’s real problems are the result of institutional ignorance and complacency. This author was briefly involved in the nomination process to sit on the Public Health Trust, and met with a panel of Miami-Dade County commissioners, Florida legislators, Public Health Trust members, and other important local politicians.

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