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The Pain of Deceit

Wednesday, 08 December 2010 23:44

Our national, economic betrayal is merely a symptom of much larger, personal betrayal

As the current year fades and the new year begins, a trend continues to emerge in our society that is every bit as damaging as the economic fraud that has nearly plunged our country into another depression.

This fraud, which I’ve dubbed emotional deceit, is the constant betrayal of mutual trust and respect that has seeped into nearly every corner of our personal lives. The resulting emotional upheaval leaves a trail of destruction so bitter and permanent that it threatens our social and moral fabric.

What are some of the signs and symptoms of emotional deceit in society? The betrayal by Wall Street of any sense of decency, the lack of moral courage, and the demise of corporate values are all examples, and continue to shred our economy.   

What occurred on Wall Street didn’t merely shock the economy into near-depression, but it ripped the veneer from the socially accepted notion that some level of decency and good-will existed between the participants in this free-market experiment. It doesn’t, and it never will, again.

Everyone’s on their own, adrift within their own, tiny life-boat. Our grand economic experiment now shifts from one of growth for all to a relentless search for economic survival and subsistence.

On a much deeper level, though, emotional deceit has seeped into the very fabric and essence of our personal relationships. The deep mistrust and cynicism that characterizes the economy and its participants now also pervades our personal relationships.


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